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Glucokey App

Glucokey App

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Download the Glucokey app

The Glucokey App is available for free download on the Apps store and Google play store. The app is compatible with the Glucokey Connect device. The GlucoKey app is your digital logbook for monitoring your blood glucose levels. The app will also store your blood ketone and blood glucose results.

Apple apps store:

Google play store:

How to connect my Glucokey to my phone

  1. Download the Glucokey App from the Apps store if you have an iPhone or the Google Play store if you have an Android.

  2. Turn your Bluetooth on in the settings of your phone

  3. Once preforming a Blood Glucose or B-Ketone test – open up your Glucokey app

  4. Go to the settings – located in the bottom right hand corner

  5. Click Bluetooth smart meter

  6. Your device will start to search for the Glucokey

  7. Once your device has been found a screen with available meters will appear – press the add button next to the meter name.

  8. Now your meter is connected

  9. Preform a blood glucose test and your result will appear in the app